Substance Use Services


SHYAS' offers person centered group and individual Substance Use counseling, case management services, and more.  LET US HELP you, on your road to recovery!

SHYAS Substance Use Services

Substance Use Assessments


 SHYAS provides each consumer with a Clinical Comprehensive assessment that captures each individuals biological health history, psychological health history and social history to determine your areas of strength and your needs for ongoing support. 

Suboxone Treatment


Suboxone treatments are designed to limit the effects of opioid withdrawal.  SHYAS medical team offers this medical  treatment to consumers who meet the criteria for use.  For more information click here

DWI Assessments & Classes


SHYAS' DWI program provides substance use assessment, education and treatment services to individuals that are cited for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.  Assessments are used to determine how many hours you are required to attend DWI classes.  

Substance Use Outpatient Therapy


SHYAS provides individual and/or group substance use therapy.  Outpatient therapy is a process that allows you to explore your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings.

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Therapy


 SHYAS' SAIOP  is designed to help substance users obtain and maintain sobriety. This behavioral treatment consists of Individual, Group & Family Counseling; in addition to Case Management and Peer Support.

Alcohol & Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS)


ADETS is a Prime for Life program designed to educate individuals about the risk of substance use.  Prime for Life is an evidence-based way to motivate drug and alcohol behavior change.  

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